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идет запись! начинаем учить английский вместе

Авторский интенсивный курс английского в Минске - 2English

Новый интенсивный спецкурс Ольги Гайсенкович.
Описание: Turn everything upside down and just imagine that English is your mother tongue. Treat it differently and then think in it and hear it everywhere. You do not simply learn, meaning you consume it, but you make it native, meaning you breathe in it.
A full time course including all language aspects with a totally different approach that will help you learn without noticing it. Still, get ready to work really hard!
Language requirements: B1 and higher (students with A2 can give it a try)


СПЕЦКУРС: Занятия 2 раза в неделю (за курс 144 а.ч./72 занятий, длительность занятия 2 а.ч., 80 минут).

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